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The clock is ticking to a U.S. Government default on November 5!

Treasury Sec Jack Lew said that's when the government will run out of cash and won't be able to pay its bills.
This means HUGE opportunities in the Forex markets!

I'm giving another online Forex trading course
Oct 19-23
Make sure you are ready to profit when the dollar starts to crumble!!

Mike Norman forex course Mike Norman is widely known MMT economist, former floor trader and member of CME, NYMEX, COMEX, NYFE, hedge fund trader and prop trader for a major international bank, T.V. commentator and blogger. He has over 35 years of experience as a trader and he want to share his trading experience and knowledge with you. His acclaimed Forex course will give you the skills and knowledge and temperament to trade the Forex market like a pro!

My Forex Course is designed to teach you quickly and effectively how to trade the Forex markets like a pro and generate significant income for yourself with a minimum of time and effort. Consider it a one-week, "boot camp" where you'll learn all my strategies and tactics from years as a floor trader and money manager.

My acclaimed trading system has turned novices into profitable Forex traders. Just read the testimonials of students who have taken my course and gone on to make big profits trading the Forex markets.

My approach is one of a kind and comprised of three powerful insights...

Maket Composition + MMT + Mental Game

*The ONLY applied MMT course anywhere!

My students have had unbelievable success. Check out some of these testimonials

"Mike teaches you how not to lose your money, and he does so by means of mental approach, efficient market analysis, and clever application of MMT concepts to the markets." "Your forex course was phenomenal! I can't thank you enough for providing such a valuable course at such a great value." "Mike’s method is measured, strategic, and shrewd. What Mike teaches is what you need to ignore in order to be successful at this."

Read more of their testimonials here.

Learn to become a successful Forex trader!

The trading rules and methodologies that I have put together come from my 35 years as a successful trader. I will give you a powerful trading system that lets you see what other market participants are doing and anticipate how they are going to react...IN ADVANCE!

There is no other Forex Course like this out there anywhere!

I have been trading for over 35 years and have been a member of four exchanges, worked as a prop trader for a major bank and managed money for one of the world's largest hedge funds.

Forex beats them all!

Over the span of my career I have traded everything from stocks to bonds to commodities, futures, options, you name it. But the market that I trade exclusively now is the Forex market. For a trader, it beats them all. The Forex market is the largest, most liquid market in the world. It has lots of volatility, plenty of leverage and true, 24-hour action. Furthermore, you don't pay commissions when you trade Forex so it's the most cost effective market for a trader. Thanks to the Internet you can trade Forex from the privacy of your home, office or even your smart phone or tablet.

My Forex Course may very well change your life

You need knowledge to win

Trading is not easy and over the years I have taken my share of losses, but I never gave up because my goal was to become a consistently profitable trader. Over time I discovered that there were three main things that determined success: Great information, the right trading approach and mental control. Once you have all three trading becomes easy, but getting all three is not so easy, especially if you try to do it on your own.

Why I teach

Not long ago I decided that I was going to give Forex courses and really teach people how to trade. I thought that many people were probably making the same mistakes that I made and what they needed was someone who could show them how to avoid those pitfalls and then they'd be on their way to success. When I started my Forex Course my goal was simply to educate people, however, the more I taught the more something amazing happened...not only did I help others improve their own trading, but I became better as a trader myself. That taught me a powerful lesson: when you have to explain your ideas and actions to others it makes you discover even more about the process you're involved in and it makes you that much better at your own game.

Losing is a choice and you don't have to take it!

I can honestly tell you with complete honesty that the strategies, tactics and behavioral skills you will learn in my Forex Course are things you won't find anywhere else. I literally show you how to "read" the market in such a way as to make losses very rare. I know it sounds crazy or too good to be true, but when you see it with your own eyes I guarantee you that you will be amazed. I will teach you how to see what other market participants are doing and show you how to literally use THEIR money to make money for yourself. They will be the ones paying you the profits!

Don't wait, sign up for my Forex Course now!

In my Forex Course I will tell you the truth about what does and what doesn't drive market movements. It has nothing to do with the price breaking a trendline or seeing two moving averages cross or getting an overbought or oversold reading on some oscillator. It doesn't even relate to the market's fundamentals, at least not in the short term. It's all about the actions of people in the market and I will show you exactly how to see what they are doing and what they are going to do.That's the key...knowing what they are going to do!

"Imagine if you were at a poker game and you knew the hand of everyone at the table? Chances are you'd win every time!"

Having great information is one thing, but if you don't have have control over your emotions and have the discipline to follow your game plan, then it doesn't matter how good your information is, you will still lose.

Successful trading is 100% mental

You can have all the knowledge and fancy indicators and forecasting acumen in the world, but if you don't have the right mental framework you will never be successul. The secret lies in your mental game. That means trading success is 100% mental. In my course I train you to have the mental tools needed to control your own emotions, eliminate stress, hesitation and indecision and other factors that can lead to self sabotage and loss. In my Forex Course I teach a proprietary behavioral system called the P.A.D.D.T system, which allows you to control your emotions, eliminate stress and behave in a "zen-like" state so that your mental frame of mind is always 100% tuned to profitable trading and efficient decision making. My mind control system is truly revolutionary. NO ONE teaches you how to do this!

All the popular "wisdom" is wrong!

n addition, my Forex Course will show you why everything you've ever heard or learned about trading--whether that was in books, seminars or elsewhere--is absolute rubbish and designed to make you lose.My methods are ground breaking. You will find them jaw droppingly effective. You will never view the markets the same again once you have spent a week with me or studied my Forex Course videos, I guarantee it. It will be like opening up a whole world of information and answers that you never thought existed.

"First let me say that you have revolutionized my trading...most importantly me. Your Forex course, for me, was like getting a shot of steroids! I have increased in confidence just from what you've taught. I was very timid of losses and making mistakes, but your talks, strategy and kick in the butt has transformed me. Thank you!" -Bob

Read more testimonials

My Forex Course will have you laughing at how the vast majority of people operate in the markets. Nearly all of the former tools and approaches that you may have thought "sophisticated;" things like trendlines, moving averages, oscillators...they're all going to seem like primitive, blind, voodoo tools compared with the all-powerful predictive insights I teach you. You will learn how to gather unbelievably deep and prescient information and combined with the proper behavior the profits will flow and flow and flow in record time and record amounts. You will literally be able to trade circles around other market participants who are flailing about using those very unsophisticated and very primitive techniques. Picking their pockets will become your hobby and pastime.

Learn the secrets of master traders and win!

Enroll in my Forex class now!

Here is just a little bit of what you will learn:

  • How to greatly minimize trading losses
  • How to put the odds in your favor on every single trade
  • How to know exactly what others are doing and how to take advantage of their mistakes.
  • How to use other people's money to get the profits you want
  • How every rule ever taught about trading is wrong and why that's screwing you up.

Plus much, much, more! Applied Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)

This is unheard of. The course will teach you how to apply Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) as an overlay to your Forex trading approach.


MMT is the most concise understanding of fiat money systems yet few in the realm of economics or finance use it or even understand it. They are blinded by ideology and dogma. That gives the MMT trader an incredible advantage. While others are buying and selling based on a outrageously flawed understandings of the monetary system, the MMT trader is the big winner.

You'll discover:

  • How traders routinely get monetary and fiscal policy and its impact on the markets wrong
  • How to predict the effects of fiscal policy on exchange rates
  • How government data releases are almost always acted upon erroneously
  • The REAL effect of central bank rate setting on currency markets
  • Learn how to "see" what central banks are doing

In addition, I will put you through my ultimate, trader psychology program, that gives you the proper mental "game" to be successful as a trader. Without the mental aspect, no matter what system you employ you will never be a winner. After taking my course I guarantee you that you will trade with supreme confidence and devoid of any fear or stress. No one else teaches this!

So...what are you waiting for? Change your life. Add income. Become financially free. Let the Forex markets provide you with the life you deserve. Sign up today!!

Enroll in the 1-week, intensive Forex trading boot camp...$1500

Yes...I want to learn how to trade Forex successfully. I want to enroll in his week-long, intensive, Forex trading boot camp and learn how to master the Forex markets and grow my income and savings through trading.

Mike Norman's 1-week online Forex Course $1500

Online Forex trading course



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