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Trading and Economics Courses and Instruction

Forex course videos special offer!$99 Special Offer Value Stock Selection MMT Video Course

This was a live course that I charged $595 for. Get it now for only $99. It is discounted because there is a 15-minute portion of audio missing on one of the videos, however, I repeated this information so you miss nothing. Just skip over the missing audio part. (Time frames indicated when you purchase.)

This is my proprietary method of intelligent, high powered value stock selection combined with the principles of MMT and fiscal flows. Learn my 4-point method that will allow you to find high quality, dividend paying stocks that are trading at deep discounts. Learn to use the principles of MMT and government spending flows (from the Daily Treasury Statement) to accurately time the market and precisely gauge conditions.

Daily Treasury Statement


Forex Course on Video

Get my 30 hours of intensive Forex trading instruction on video. This is my highly acclaimed system that went two years without a single losing trade. It combines three unique elements to create a powerfully effective, one of a kind trading approach. The three pillars are, Market Composition + MMT + Mental Game. To find out more, click below.

Forex trading course

Daily Treasury Statement Couse on Video

This is my 6-hour video course on the Daily Treasury Statement. Imagine if you could look at the checkbook of the United States Government and see what withdrawals and deposits it is making to and from the banking system each and every day? You can! The U.S. Treasury releases this data every day. It gives precise information of the financial flows between the government and the economy. We are talkig about billions each day and sometimes trillions per month! These massive flows affect every market, from stocks and bonds to currencies, commoodities, gold, oil...everything. In my course I teach you how to access that data and use it to create amazginly accurate economic and market forecasts. This is an invaluable resource and most people don't even know it exists!

Daily Treasury Statement Course




Forex course videos special offer!Special Offer 3-Course Bundle $295

Get all three of my courses, the Forex Video Course, Understanding the Daily Treasury Statement and the MMT-Value Stock picking course for just $295. That's a savings of $155. (Really more than that!)

3-Course bundle

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