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The mistake family is a big family

Trump is right. We can never go bankrupt.

I'd be ecstatic if Sanders increased the debt by $18T

The new issue of MMT Trader is out

My early morning update

My advice to buy on the open today was perfect!

The debt doubled with no benefit. Not true!

A lesson on alignment and trading

Emphatically telling you to buy!

My comments on the jobs report.


Here's what you're doing is a game.

The hedge fund guys are more lucky than smart.

In trading, what do you do when things don't work out?

What now? Everything's turned around.

 Interest rates and the effect on exchange rates

We're all making money like crazy, but stay cool.

This morning's crazy action

Losing is a choice.

A couple of Forex trade ideas...

The hedge funds and clowns got destroyed. I didn't. I profited.

My USDJPY trade is up over 400 pips!

What about the euro?

New developments you should be aware of

We paid back $46 trillion THIS YEAR!

Yahoo Finance is a great contrary indicator!

Update on Japan and the yen

Here's what we should say to the Saudi's when they threaten us

By following the flows and understanding MMT, I got every call right

BOJ intervenes to WEAKEN yen. What debt crisis? LOL!!

Economist Mag (trash) does fear-mongering hit job on Donald Trump.

More info about my trading courses. Check it out.

The crazies are running the show. Get ready for default.

You want to know about Hillary? Watch my video.

Meet the Press host asks Trump a ridiculous question.


My latest video. China surprises and devalues. This could disrupt the Fed's plans. Currency war anyone?

This is the definitive explanation of what central banks can and cannot do. None of this simplistic, "printing money" stuff.

My thoughts on Tsipras'collapse, plus a word about confidence and a civics lesson.

Greece is not to blame.

Greece on the ropes as the blood suckers go into full panic mode, with sanctimonious speeches and insults.

See my other videos here:

Here's what I think will happen to Greece and the euro.

Paul Tudor Jones believes only the private sector can solve income and wealth inequality. He's wrong.

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