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My podcast for July 24, 2015. Joe Firestone. Matt Franko.


Get Joe's book is entitled, "Declarations of Dependence: Trade Tyranny, Sovereignty, and Democracy."


My podcast for July 16, 2015. Markets, misguided ideology, Daily Treasury Statement


My podcast for July 8, 2015. It's been a while, so here you go.


Podcast for May 22: Jon Reznick and Hedgeclippers.


Podcast for April 9: My interview with Gary Carmell, author of The Philosophical Investor.

Podcast for March 26:
My interview with Ellen Brown, author of Web of Debt and Public Bank Solution.

Podcast for March 23. $720 TRILLION. Inflation. Paul Tudor Jones.



Podcast for March 17. Politics. Stock stall. Outlook.


Here's my podcast for March 9. McConnell, debt ceiling, stocks, economy.


Podcast: Some info on my upcoming, "Understanding the Daily Treasury Statement" course.


Here's my podcast for today, Jan 15.

I get into the SNB, Russia, crude and all the rest of a wild day.


Podcast for Tuesday, Jan 6, 2015.

Some topics: Market decline, bond yields, Bill Gross (again), euro, oil. Enjoy.


Here's my first podcast for 2015. Enjoy.

Stephanie Kelton,  Bernie Sanders, NYPD insubordination, Forex, disgraced Representative Michael Grimm and more.


My podcast for today.
Forex trading and my upcoming Forex course. Police insubordination. The weakness of liberals and progressives. Obama's love of neoliberalism.


Dec 16. Interview with Justin Santopietro.
My interview with Justin Santopietro. Great conversation. We cover politics, economics and the strength and failings of MMT. Justin is a contributor here and specializes in political commentary.



The theft of our freedom, liberty, wealth and futures by the elites has become brazen to the point where they are not even trying to hide, in the least bit, what they are stealing from us.

Podcast for Dec 15.



In this podcast I talk about the government's funding bill that rips off workers and gives new, free money to Wall Street banks to play with. And I talk about Russia and the crazy policies that Putin and the central bank are employing, which are only hurting the economy and further enabling Western sanctions.

Podcast for Dec 12.


Today I talk about a possible government shutdown. How any Continuing Resolution does not solve the debt ceiling issue and why that's the "doomsday" scenario. Also, why you can only get this info here on this blog. Not the mainstream media, not CNBC, not the WSJ, not Fox Business, NOWHERE but here, folks.

Thurs Dec 11


Dec 10 Podcast with Roger Erickson.


Tuesday, Dec 9.
Madoff aide gets jail time. Criminal Wall Street bankers, NOT. More Debt Doomsday stupidity. What happens when the robots make everything?


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